New mm-Wave Test Platform for Licensed & Unlicensed 5G NR Bands

Sivers IMA has announced the launch of a new 5G NR mmWave System Test Platformthe STP02800 R1.0, with support for both licensed 5G NR (24 - 29.5 GHz) and unlicensed 5G NR-U (57 - 71 GHz, pre-3GPP R17 support) bands.

The new 5G NR mmWave System Test Platform supports the 5G New Radio (NR) standard including phased array antenna modules for both licensed and unlicensed 5G NR bands and the Xilinx ZCU111 RFSoC platform. The platform also includes a modem simulation framework using Matlab, allowing radio performance evaluation of real 5G NR waveforms.

According to Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA making a fully-integrated 5G NR mmWave solution for the market is both time-consuming and costly. To test and evaluate a 5G mmWave system one needs expensive solutions with a lot of adjacent equipment. Sivers is now giving its customers and partners the possibility to use their integration test platform to drastically save costs and simplify the 5G NR mmWave system integration.

Sivers' new 5G mmWave System Test Platform, STP02800 R1.0, makes it less expensive and faster for customers to deploy their 5G networks by improving the test and design process with one single product. The Test Platform will be available for distribution in Q2 2020.

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