Energous Receives Regulatory Approval for WattUp Wireless Charging Technology in Japan

Energous Corporation, the developer of WattUp wireless charging 2.0 technology, has received regulatory approval for its WattUp Near Field wireless charging technology in Japan. This now opens the door for Energous to sell WattUp-enabled products in a major Asia Pacific market.

Energous’ WattUp wireless charging technology underwent testing by independent, accredited test labs and was determined to be compliant with all regulatory requirements in Japan. According to Dan Lawless, vice president of regulatory affairs at Energous Corporation, WattUp approval in Japan is a big step forward for Energous and our customers, while increasing momentum to achieve global market access.

Energous is establishing a regulatory framework for the large-scale deployment of wireless charging 2.0 through its substantial engagements in major international spectrum and standards organizations, combined with direct work with governments around the world.

Currently wireless charging technologies – specifically non coil-based charging solutions – have not yet penetrated the Japan market, largely because Japan has historically proven to have a more rigid regulatory approval process. Energous Corporation is paving the way for the industry in the Japan market with the industry-first approval of its WattUp wireless charging technology. With this breakthrough, Energous continues to show progress in advancing its WattUp technology to meet the needs of partner and customer companies.

Benefits of Energous’ WattUp Technology for Manufacturers:
  • A small footprint allowing WattUp to be integrated into products of various form factors, including small devices with curved edges or without flat surfaces
  • Orientation freedom and 90-degree angle support
  • Foreign object detection eliminating thermal issues with metal and other materials
  • Interoperability with all WattUp-enabled products, even those from different manufacturers

To-date, Energous has secured regulatory approval for its WattUp wireless charging technology in 112 countries. It anticipates it will receive regulatory approval in additional markets later this year.