QuadSAT Showcasing its Drone-Based Antenna Testing Technology at SATELLITE 2020

Mobile antenna testing experts, QuadSAT, is exhibiting its latest UAV Antenna Testing technology at the SATELLITE 2020 event. The SATELLITE 2020 exhibition is taking place in Washington DC from 10-12 March, 2020.

QuadSAT’s system uses drone technology to test, calibrate and measure the performance of VSAT antennas. The system offers similar capabilities as a traditional antenna test range by generating and receiving test signals in a highly controlled and consistent manner. The result is a portable, cost-effective, and time-efficient method to verify antenna performance.

QuadSAT’s debut at SATELLITE follows a successful year in which it signed a contract with ESA to develop its UAS testing solution to comply with industry-wide antenna performance protocol SOMAP, as well as having successfully demonstrated its technology to industry-leading satellite operators.

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