Norsat Launches Products to Mitigate 5G Interference within the C-Band Spectrum

Norsat has launched of two new products to address issues of terrestrial and 5G interference within the C-Band spectrum. As 5G wireless networks continue to grow, there is an increasing need for specialized products to mitigate interference from 5G base stations. These new products help users of C-band satellite services reject 5G interference and to continue to be a part of the coordination efforts to ensure a smooth transition of 5G into the C-band spectrum.

The latest 5G interference products include:

3200-sBPF PLL LNB: Optimal for maritime terminal applications, this combines an LNB and a Band Pass Filter into a single compact form factor and can switch in and out the filtering between full and concatenated portions of the C-Band spectrum, allowing customers to use the full C-band when they are at sea and switch in the 5G filtering when they are close to shore.

eBPF-C 5G Band Pass Filter: A high-performance band pass filter with a narrow guard band that is easy to install, environmentally sealed, and moisture resistant. Delivers additional 5G rejection for the 3200-BPF series of LNB and C-Band Band Pass Filters.

These products are complementary additions to Norsat’s C-Band 3200-BPF LNB and BPF-C Band Pass Filter series of 5G Interference solutions. In addition to its portfolio of products, Norsat offers consulting services for developing customized solutions to existing networks experiencing 5G interference.

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Norsat was meant to be showcasing its product portfolio at the SATELLITE 2020 event in Washington DC from 10-12 March. However, they along with a number of other companies could not attend this event due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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