Comtech Xicom Technology Introduces New GaN SSPA Product Lines for SATCOM Applications

Comtech Xicom Technology has introduced three new industry-leading GaN SSPA product lines for SATCOM applications. Xicom is using the latest GaN technology in these products with a focus on minimizing size, weight and power consumption, while maximizing performance and reliability. These products are manufactured in their Silicon Valley production facility which offers high volume, MIL and airborne quality manufacturing with rapid deliveries.

Bobcat BUCs – Designed for compact terminals needing high power from very small packages. Bobcats enable users to shrink their footprint while increasing the speed of their link. Bobcat’s are high-performance, DC-powered, feed-mount outdoor BUCs with outsized features including extensive data logging, easy-to-use web-based GUI, ethernet SNMP (v1 or v3), and interchangeability between X, Ku and Ka-bands. Bobcat BUCs are currently available in 5 lb. packages at powers up to 64 Watts in X, Ku and Ka-band.

Puma SSPAs/BUCs – Designed for fixed and transportable terminals, Pumas are flexible, high-performance AC-powered outdoor SSPAs/BUCs that offer many features and options including internal L-band BUCs, internal LO reference, extensive data logging, easy-to-use web-based GUI, ethernet SNMP (v1 or v3), and a wide range of available power combined and redundancy systems. Puma amplifiers and BUCs are available in 15 to 50 lb. packages in X, Ku and Ka-band with power levels from 80 to 500 Watts.

Falcon Airborne SSPAs/BUCs – Designed for airborne satcom systems needing high power density with high efficiency, Falcons are high-performance, in-cabin and cabin-exterior SSPAs/BUCs designed for and certified to DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 requirements. ARINC Falcon amplifiers and BUCs are available in Ku and Ka-band, including multi-band switchable BUCs built into the Ka-band units.

Comtech Xicom Technology representatives are showcasing these products at their booth at SATELLITE 2020 from March 10-12, in Washington, DC. Stop by to ask them any questions about these products.

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