Anti-Drone System from Aaronia Deployed at Heathrow Airport

Developer and provider of worldwide drone defense solutions, Aaronia has announced that its AARTOS DDS, anti-drone systems have been deployed at London’s Heathrow Airport as part of the airport‘s bespoke set of end-to-end counter drone measures to help to keep the country‘s busiest airfield free from drones. 

This one-of-a-kind Counter Drone System works by detecting and tracking drones in surrounding airspace and alerting airports of unauthorized drone use quickly and efficiently. This new and innovative system also works to locate the drone pilots themselves and can be used to identify their location. This technology has been specifically designed for Heathrow Airport and comprises of a variety of leading counter-drone technologies, including systems from Aaronia as a central component of this anti-drone architecture.

The fast and accurate detection of rogue drones helps to keep Heathrow‘s passengers and colleagues safe and will support the airport, law enforcement, and air traffic controllers as they work to protect Heathrow‘s airspace. This new kit will enhance detection capabilities and minimize delays, helping passengers to get away on time. The technology will also help the airport to meet its sustainability objectives, by reducing the fuel wastage and additional flight stacking caused by unauthorized drones use.

The safety and security of the passengers and colleagues is Aaronia’s number one priority. That is why; the company is investing in this new cutting-edge technology, such as Aaronia’s drone defense system, which will enhance their capabilities in the detection and deterrence of drones in and around the airfield. Aaronia is delighted to have this unique system keeping their skies safe and helping passengers and cargo to get to their destinations on time.

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