90 to 220 GHz Waveguide Bends,Twists and Straight Sections

Fairview Microwave, a provider of on-demand RF, microwave and millimeter-wave components, has introduced a new line of waveguide transmission components that are ideal for radar, satellite communication, and airport security system applications.

Fairview's new waveguide bends, twists and straight sections feature high frequency ranges from 90 GHz to 220 GHz in 3 waveguide bands. These include waveguide sizes of WR-8, WR-6 and WR-5 and UG-387/U mod round cover style flanges. The waveguide bends are available in 90° E-plane and 90° H-plane configurations. The waveguide twists are available in 90°, 45° right-hand and 45° left-hand configurations. And the waveguide straight sections are available in 1", 3", 6", 9" and 12" lengths. Furthermore, all of these new high-frequency waveguide components feature a low VSWR performance of 1.15:1.

This new series of high-frequency waveguide straight sections, bends and twists are designed to fulfill the demand for waveguide components supporting frequencies up to 220 GHz, offering the customers even more with same-day shipping. Fairview Microwave's new high-frequency waveguide straight sections, bends, and twists are all in-stock and available for immediate shipment, with no minimum order required.

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