Richardson RFPD Signs Global Franchise Agreement with MixComm

Richardson RFPD, has entered into a global franchise agreement with MixComm Inc. MixComm is a New Jersey-based start-up that has recently developed its first Beamforming IC for mm-Wave 5G Applications. Its technology is based on RFSOI and mmWave breakthroughs developed at Columbia University's CoSMIC Lab led by Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy, MixComm's Co-founder and CTO. The company’s products address the critical challenges that currently constrain 5G mmWave success:

  • Limited range that increases cost and diminishes customer satisfaction
  • Excessive thermal and electrical power consumption budgets
  • Low integration and excessively large antenna arrays that drive high module cost

Richardson RFPD will be distributing MixComm's upcoming mmWave products to customers worldwide. The first device to be sold under the joint collaboration will be a 5G 28 GHz beamforming front-end IC, SUMMIT 2629. It integrates novel power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, beamformer, calibration and control for a front-end module with optimal partitioning for 5G infrastructure.

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  • Country: United States
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