Modelithics Adds More Component Models to COMPLETE+3D Library for Ansys HFSS

Modelithics has released version 20.1 of the COMPLETE+3D Library for use with Ansys HFSS. The library contains a large selection of highly scalable models for capacitor, inductor, and resistor families from many popular vendors, plus an expanding collection of Modelithics’ 3D geometry models for inductors and connectors. Version 20.1 adds five new part values, pads, and substrate scalable models and 93 new full-wave 3D electromagnetic models.

New scalable circuit models include a new model for Murata’s GQM1555C capacitor series and LQP03HQ inductor series and Vishay’s MMA0204 resistor series. Also included are updated models for AVX’s 504L resistor series and Vishay’s VJ0402 capacitor series. New 3D EM models are available for Mini-Circuits filters and TDK inductors. Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, 90-day free model use is being sponsored by Mini-Circuits, TDK, AVX, Murata, and Vishay. 

Modelithics addresses the industry-wide need for high accuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for use in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Modelithics’ premium product is the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, which includes the CLR Library™, containing measurement-based Microwave Global Models™ for a multitude of commercially-available passive component families, as well as the NLD Library™ (non-linear diode models), the NLT Library™ (non-linear transistor models), and the SLC Library™ (system-level component models).

For more information about this new release and further details on the new models available, review the v20.1 release notes.