Raytheon’s Counter-Drone Weapon Approved for International Sales

Raytheon’s Coyote Block 2 counter-drone weapon has been selected by the US government for selling to the approved allied nations as part of the Howler counter-drone system. The Coyote Block 2 counter-drone weapon and KuRFS radar worked together to detect and engage a target in a recent test over the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

In 2019, the U.S. Army deployed Howler, a combination of the Ku-band Radio Frequency System and Coyote Block 1, into the battlefield. The high-speed, highly manoeuvrable Block 2 is designed to use Raytheon's KuRFS multi-mission radar as its fire control source.

Delivering this enhanced version of the combat-proven Coyote strengthens their allies' defences against enemy drones. Block 2 is fast, effective and protects troops on the battlefield. Raytheon recently completed developmental, operational and customer acceptance testing on the Coyote Block 2 variant. Powered by a jet engine, the new weapon can be launched from the ground to destroy drones and other aerial threats.

Bryan Rosselli, vice president of Raytheon Mission Systems and Sensors stated that the KuRFS radar gives soldiers unprecedented vision of individual drones. The ability to quickly and clearly detect, track and discriminate the threat leads to positive identification, and makes the Coyote all the more precise in its ability to intercept drones.

Raytheon expects to achieve full-rate production of Coyote Block 2 in 2020.