Giga-tronics to Provide Upgrade Kits for the US Navy’s Radar Threat Generation Systems

Leading manufacturer of radar and microwave integrated component solutions, Giga-tronics, has received a US $1.5 million order to provide mission critical upgrade kits for the US Navy's existing fielded Radar Threat Generation Systems. The kits are necessary for the operational testing of advanced electronic warfare weapons systems.

These new upgrade kits greatly enhance the capability and threat coverage of the currently fielded Coherent Streaming RF Playback System in terms of Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW), Dynamic Range, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), and Spectral Purity while maintaining or improving performance against very tight tolerances on Channel to Channel Timing Synchronicity, Phase Alignment and Coherence.

According to Armand Pantalone, Chief Technology Officer of the company, the performance and added capability provided by the upgrade kit to the existing test system is truly state-of-the art; down to every single technical requirement including streaming rates, overall frequency coverage and instantaneous bandwidth, plus all other critical RF performance parameters. Additionally, this upgrade improves the ease of use and better addresses Information Assurance concerns of Military and Defense customers.

The improved capabilities will allow the US Navy warfighters to easily generate and playback the most current and rapidly emerging advanced threat signals necessary for the development, test and certification of their electronic warfare systems.