Taiwan Based Transcom Developing GaAs and GaN MMICs for 5G mm-Wave Applications

Transcom, a Taiwan-based GaAs microwave device and solutions provider, is developing GaAs and GaN-based MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) devices for commercial 5G mm-Wave applications. The 5G mm-Wave technology is gaining popularity, driving up demand for GaAs and GaN-based MMICs, and other RF and PA (power amplifier) components.

Transcom is working with a number of Taiwan-based networking device suppliers to develop MMIC products. They has also recently landed a significant amount of GaAs PA orders from clients in Israel and Taiwan.

Having already seen its GaN-on-SiC transistor products widely adopted by clients in the 12 to 18 GHz radio waveband (Ku Band) for satellite and communication radar applications, Transcom is now ready to kick off volume production of some GaN-on-SiC infrastructure components targeting the emerging markets.

According to sources, GaN-based products currently account for 20-25% of Transcom's total sales, with the ratio likely to climb to 40% in the near future. Although Transcom has in-house capacity for fabricating up to several hundreds of thousands of MMICs and GaAs FETs (field-effect transistors), the Company may seek support from other GaAs foundry houses for 6-inch wafer capacities. Transcom reported revenues of NT$569 million (US$ 18.71 million) for the year 2019.