New Absorber from Laird Performance Materials Solves EMI Issues in Electronic Applications

Laird Performance Materials, a global manufacturer of solutions that enable and protect high-performance electronics, has developed Softzorb MCS, a soft, conformable absorber that eliminates unwanted signal noise while also acting as a gap filler that reduces coupling – all without damaging sensitive components. Today as designers fight to fit more functionality into each circuit board, signal integrity is becoming more important than ever before. At the same time as devices become ever thinner, smaller, and more compact, space on circuit boards is difficult to come by. The company has designed this material to address the signal interference issues that arise when components are packed into tight spaces.

Typically, design engineers seek to mitigate electromagnetic interference by placing an absorber on the path of the emitted wave causing the unwanted signal noise. However, even with these absorbers in place, gaps between radiating components in housing can produce coupling that hinders performance. Softzorb MCS is a magnetically loaded absorber that attenuates EMI. Its low deflection force allows engineers to place it in contact with components to fill cavities and eliminate coupling without shortening the life span of these components.

Design engineers can use Softzorb MCS to solve EMI issues in electronics applications across a variety of industries – from datacom and telecom to automotive and industrial to consumer electronics and smart devices. As design engineers work to create high-performance, 5G-enabled products, Softzorb MCS helps them effectively mitigate EMI while protecting crucial, sensitive components.

The silicone-based absorber mitigates EMI from 800 MHz to 18 GHz. It can be used between -70 degrees Celsius and 177 degrees Celsius. 

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