Keysight Giving 90 Day Software Trails to Engineers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of engineers all over the world are 'Working Remotely'. Keysight Technologies is committed to helping customers maintain their engineering productivity no matter where they are working. The Company recognizes that COVID-19 is causing drastic changes across the globe, in communities, homes, and in workplaces. In response to this, they have launched the Innovate Anywhere program, spanning three key areas: 90-day software trials, remote learning, and scalable live network testing.

Complimentary 90-Day Software Trials

Keysight is offering the company's popular software products free of charge for 90 days. Engineers working on design and simulation or managing multiple instruments and test stations remotely can leverage Keysight's PC-based software to remain productive. These 90-day software trials also provide complimentary access to KeysightCare Software Support for the duration of the trials featuring live interaction with a technical expert within 4 hours of contacting Keysight.

Eligible software includes the following Keysight solutions:

  • PathWave Signal Generation: Signal creation tools that reduce the time needed on signal simulation
  • PathWave Vector Signal Analysis: Software that runs remotely to access the full capabilities of signal measurement hardware, from anywhere
  • PathWave BenchVue: PC software for simultaneous instrument control and simplified automation for a wide range of instruments
  • PathWave Test Automation: Test sequencer and automation software for data management and test plan development
  • PathWave FPGA: Real-time FPGA functionality to customize and get more performance from instruments
  • PathWave System Design (SystemVue): Multi-domain modeling environment that accelerates design, verification, and test from anywhere
  • Infiniium Offline: Uses PC to capture waveforms, save to a file and recall data with over 60 built-in one-click measurements
  • Flex Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA): Uses a PC to see a visual output of a test, controlling DCA or DCA-X oscilloscopes with Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI), from anywhere

Remote Learning: For customers that would like to brush up their skills, discover new concepts or learn how to use new tools, Keysight is offering a set of eLearning modules free of charge, as well as curated on-demand webinars which will be updated regularly.

Live Network Testing: To support customers that may be struggling with collaboration, voice and video applications trying to keep up with an influx of remote connections, Keysight is offering a complimentary 30-day Hawkeye Network Performance Monitoring Trial to help minimize service disruptions and ensure user experience with active network monitoring.

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