Microlab's DAS Signal Conditioning Solution Enhances Wireless Communication at Stadiums

Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group Company has announced that their DCC Series Point-of-Interface (POI) integrated solution has been chosen for the wireless system deployment in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This new custom solution enables critical network densification initiatives designed to enhance the experience of fans by improving carrier coverage, increasing capacity, and allowing multiple carrier and multiple spectrum deployments.

Dino Giordano, VP of Engineering commented that their focus on custom, specialized integrated solutions, and experienced product design teams enabled them to rapidly solve the unique challenges of this deployment for increasing coverage and capacity. System integrators involved in multi-million dollar stadium deployments require the highest quality performance at every level of the design and turn to a trusted partner in Microlab to address the challenges of deploying a low-loss architecture system for maximum coverage and distribution of signals to multiple antennas in the stadium. The company provides a fully tested solution that reduces their deployment and commissioning time.

For carriers, designers and deployment teams, the encapsulated design of the DCC Series POI provides clean integration from the radio to the antennas for simplified distribution of mid-band and high-band cellular signals, the high-band enabling CBRS, LTE-LAA and 5G New Radio (5G NR). The DCC Series solution is delivered as an end-to-end tested solution streamlining deployment, reducing on-site installation time, eliminating individual component testing and enhancing overall performance and reliability.

Challenged with addressing the wireless data capacity needs of today, expected demands of the future and limited physical space, system designers and integrators sought a cost-effective, flexible, reliable and compact solution. Designed to meet these distinctive challenges, the Microlab DCC Series end-to-end tested solution minimizes distribution losses to offer a high level of integration, quality, and coverage compared to discrete components. Housed within a compact form factor, the custom POI allows for design optimization, reduced installation and on-site troubleshooting time, and faster time to deployment while maximizing RF transmission to ensure higher performance.

The custom POI solutions designed for this installation enables carrier aggregation of currently licensed mid-band and unlicensed high band to strengthen and expand the network coverage and capacity and is neutral host capable to share infrastructure for additional mobile network operators to join the network in the future. Microlab DCC Series Point-of Interface integrated solutions are deployed extensively in stadiums, convention centres, campuses, and medical facilities worldwide. The fully-tested integrated solution with guaranteed low PIM and low loss architecture provides maximum RF transmission to ensure system performance. Microlab designs integrated solutions to customer-specific requirements for 4G, and 5G cellular networks, medical equipment applications, and military use cases.


  • Country: United States
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