RF GaAs Device Revenue Declined by 6% in 2019

According to a report published by Strategy Analytics’, the revenue from RF GaAs-enabled devices has fallen by nearly 6% in 2019, marking the biggest decline since 2004.

The report has identified declining smartphone shipments as the primary culprit for this drop in GaAs revenue. The report goes on to forecast that growth will resume, allowing revenue from RF GaAs devices to approach $9 billion by 2024. Drivers for this renewed growth will be the quickening pace of 5G network and device deployments.

Eric Higham Director of the Advanced Semiconductor Applications (ASA) service commented that wireless applications, particularly cellular terminals, dominate GaAs device revenue. Smartphones contain substantial GaAs content, so it was no surprise when declining shipments in 2019 pulled down the entire GaAs market.

Click here to read/download the full report, RF GaAs Device Industry Forecast: 2018 - 2024.