Knowles Introduces Bypass Capacitor Kit for MMIC Amplifiers

Knowles Precision Devices (KPD), a division of Knowles Corporation that focuses on the production of a wide variety of capacitors and microwave to mmWave components, has launched a Bypass Capacitor Kit for MMIC amplifiers.

High-frequency MMIC amplifiers with broadband gain need to be protected from RF noise on the supply lines, particularly the RF energy coupled back into the device from its output. Supply noise creates challenges in RF systems where it can mix with RF signals, impacting signal/noise ratios and potentially causing spurious output. Avoiding this requires the use of a bypass capacitor that provides an efficient path to ground for RF energy on the supply line before it enters a gain stage.

Features of Knowles Bypass Capacitor Kit:
  • Voltage handling: up to 200V
  • GaN application requires x2 rated voltage
  • X7R (-55⁰C to +125⁰C)
  • Superior Microwave Performance
Each kit contains Border Caps and V-Series:
Border Caps
Frequency Range
Up to 80 GHz
Up to 40 GHz
Capacitance Value
0.02pf to 2.4nF
1nF to 10nF
Voltage Handling
Up to 100 V
Up to 200 V

Applications: DC Blocking, RF Bypassing, Filtering, Tuning, and Coupling

Knowles Precision Devices (KPD), focuses on the production of a wide variety of highly engineered Capacitors and Microwave to Millimeter-Wave components for use in critical applications in military, medical, electric vehicle, and 5G market segments. Their products also find applications in Radar, pacemakers, MRI equipment, satellites, airplanes, electric vehicles, and mobile phone base stations.

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  • Country: United States
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