Waveguide Shorts and Shims in WR-430 to WR-10 Waveguide Sizes

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand, has announced the release of a new line of waveguide shorts and shims that are ideal for use in satellite communication, radar, wireless communication, and test and instrumentation applications. Waveguide shims are mainly used to bridge gaps between waveguide components. Waveguide shims, shorts, or shorting plates are used in calibration applications and commonly included in calibration kits.

The new line of waveguide shorts and shims consists of 36 models available in waveguide sizes ranging from WR-430 to WR-10. This new line provides superior RF performance and is ideal for use in RF test and measurement applications.

Pasternack’s new waveguide shorts and shims are both available with square and round UG cover and CPR style flanges in both copper and aluminum versions. The new products are currently in-stock and available for immediate shipping with no minimum order quantity required. Click here to see the new line of waveguide shorts and shims from Pasternack.