Find and Compare SATCOM Products


We at everything RF has introduced a new technology hub for the SATCOM Sector. This is a single page on the site which summarizes all activity that takes place in this industry. News, White Papers, New Products and more. Two new categories for the SATCOM Industry have been added to everything RF - Block Up Converters (BUC) and Low Noise Blocks (LNBs). Products from the leading manufacturers in each of these categories have been listed and users can find products here based on specification - Frequency Band, Gain, Noise Figure and other parameters. Once users find what they need they can download datasheets, compare products across manufacturers and request quotations.

As of now we have added four catgories under SATCOM and have added product data from most the leading manufacturers in this space.

Block Up Converters: Over 700 Products from 22 Manufacturers.

Low Noise Blocks: Over 250 Products from 11 Manufacturers.

SATCOM Amplifiers: Over 350 Products from 10 Manufacturers

SATCOM Transceivers: Over 50 Products from 7 Manufacturers.

We will be adding more manufacturers and products to these categories as and when they are released. The parametric search tools have been designed specifically for each of the categories, enabling you to filter products by Frequency Band, Power Levels, Gain etc. Let us know if we have missed out any companies or products.