Requesting Quotations via everything RF

The search tool on everything RF has been designed to help users narrow down on products across more than 1,000 of the leading manufacturers in the RF & Microwave Industry. The parametric search tool has been customized for each category to help you find products based on product specs of that category. Once you get a list of products you have a few options - You can see detailed product specifications, download the datasheet, compare products from the list in tabular form and most importantly request a quotation for products.

RFQ FormWhen you request a quotation via everything RF - We ask you to fill out a form with your contact details and enter any other information like quantity, timeframe, application where you plan to use the product etc. If you are a registered user or returning user on the site, you contact details will be pre-filled in the form, so you will just need to enter the specifics of your query.

On submission, the inquiry will be directed to the manufacturer of the product and you will get a confirmation of that the inquiry has been sent. This is the equivalent of visiting the contact page on the manufacturers website and filling out the form there or sending an email to the manufacturers at the id listed on their contact page.

After some time, we started to get feedback from users that they were not hearing back from the manufacturers on their inquiry. Which is odd, as manufacturers would not want to turn down a sale, that would not be good for them in the long run. So, we started following up with the manufacturers on these inquiries. We realised that the reason for the non-responsiveness in most cases was that the inquiry was not getting to the correct contact within the company.

Another thing we realised was that a large number of manufacturers do not deal with inquires directly, they do this via their sales reps and distributors. These sales reps and distributors have been appointed by Sate/region in the United States and then by Country. Many manufacturers would just forward the inquiry to their sales rep/distributor based on where it originated from. Since this was a manual process, sometimes they would forget to do so and then the query was left un-answered.


This was a major problem for us. To overcome this issue, we decided to take a couple of steps and build some technology which would help solve this problem. 

1. Manufacturer Contacts: We contacted manufacturers to find out who in their company would handle these requests. We then updated this in our system. This was easy. We were able to do this for most companies.

2. Distributors/Sales Rep Tool: We created a distributor tool which would enable us and the manufacturer to add in all their distributors and sales reps for different Countries, Regions and States. When a user would request a quotation.

So now when a user requests a quotation on everything RF, the inquiry is directed to the manufacturer (the right person within the company) and then based on the location of the user, it is also directed to an appropriate distributor/sales rep who is responsible for your region. This way the users will always hear back from someone on their inquiry.

Once this process was updated, the response rate to users jumped up significantly. So, if you are a user looking for a product, use the RFQ tool on everything RF. It’s much easier and we make sure it gets to the right person who can get back to you with the details.

To start out with, we added distributors for a few key manufacturers, and are now adding them for more and more companies listed on the site. In some cases, manufacturers prefer to handle the inquiries directly, so we remove distributor routing for them. If you are a manufacturer and would like to add your distributors to our system, click here to let us know.