everything RF launches a Website Builder Solution to Help You Make a Better Website

BuildBotBuildBot.io is a website platform developed by everything RF to build powerful websites for electronic component manufacturers.

Manufacturers no longer need to pay agencies thousands of dollars to develop their website. Most agencies charge between $5,000 and $50,000 to develop a website with the set of features that is required for manufacturers in the electronic component industry. In addition to this they charge for hosting, maintanance, making updates, SSL Certification and a number of other things.

BuildBot.io starts at only $100/Month and enables you to build a powerful website where you can add your complete product catalog, press releases/news stories, events, distributors, application notes and white papers and much more. Lead generation is also built in to the platform, allowing you to capture leads. All websites are optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and support HTTPS encryption. We have partnered with Amazon AWS to host the websites and to ensure that there is no downtime.

The flat fee of $100/Month includes everything! By everything we mean EVERYTHING - Development, Design, Data Porting, Hosting, SSL Certificates and everything else that you need.

Whats the catch you ask? Well there is no catch. We realized that manufacturers in the engineering sector have certain core requirements / expectations from their website. So we set out to create a platform that caters to the needs of this sector. Manufacturers want websites that look good, are responsive (i.e. work on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops), have certain core modules, are easy to update and are able to generate leads for their business.

We created our very own platform for websites - An extremely powerful CMS with the modules that are needed by companies in the Electronic Component Industry. We automated the whole development process which allows us to run hundereds of website on the same platform and thereby split the cost of the core platform across all the vendors, at the same time giving each manufacturer the flexibility to select a unique design based on their liking.

Modules Integrated into BuildBot.io

Categories Careers Contact Us
Products Events Add a Page
RFQ Module Teams Analytics
Catalogs Clients Lead Generation
White Papers & Videos Promotion Banners SEO Optimization
News Distributors Website Search


Each Module has been optimized for the Electronic Component Industry. For Example, lets take the Product Module.

Buildbot Dashboard

Key Features of the Product Module

You can select the way you would like to show products - Table View, List View, Grid View. You can sort and filter products on the page.

Each Product has an independant page where you can add the Part Number, Product Description, Images (with the Zoom option if you want), Datasheets and Other Documents, Related products and more.

Each Product Page has a RFQ form in which you can control the fields.

You have the option to collect user information before allowing the download of datasheets for specific products

You an specify if a product is In-Stock, its Lead Time, Price and other information.

Each Module has functionality like this built in to it

If you are looking to update your website, develop a new website or would like to add our control platform to your existing website - Try BuildBot.io. It will save you time and money!

If you want to try it out, just visit www.BuildBot.io to sign up. It will ask you to fill out a form and the set up process will take about 30 seconds after submission.

Want us to give you a Demo? - Fill out this form and we will get in touch with you to schedule a time.