Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Equipment

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What is EMC Testing?

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is conducted to verify whether the electrical and electronics product complies with EMC standards. If the product complies with the EMC standards, it will not emit intolerable EMI (so the product does not disturb nearby devices), and it can withstand the EMI emitted from nearby devices (so the product work normally in the EMI environment). A product should have EMC certifications in order to get into the market.

EMC tests are conducted using equipment such as E-field generators, EMC antennas, EMC power amplifiers, EMC power meters, EMC preamplifiers, EMI receivers, current probes & near field probes, EMF meters, and other supporting equipment. EMC equipment is designed to comply with both EMC emission and immunity standards such as FCC, CISPR, EN, BS, VDE, VG, FAA, and MIL-STD.

EMC preamplifiers are RF amplifiers that convert a weak signal into a stronger output signal that is noise-tolerant and strong enough to be sent to an EMI receiver. They are primarily used for EMC radiated emissions testing.

An EMI Receiver is a measuring tool to observe RF power levels. This is used along with transducers (For example, antenna, near field probes (E/ H field probe), etc.) to measure the radiated and conducted EMI emissions from electronic devices. It is also used to check the electric field uniformity during the EMC immunity tests, and to diagnose and repair EMI problems that very often arise during the early stages of the product development cycle.

EMC Antennas can be used to conduct the EMC testing (both emission & immunity test) in screened/anechoic rooms and open area test site (OATS). Types of EMC antenna are – monopole, dipole, biconical, log-periodic, horn, loop, active antenna, array antenna, blade, biological, spiral, and yagi antenna. EMC antenna kits are used to conduct radiated emission & immunity test in OATS. These kits provide EMC antennas, current probes, measurement cable, comb generator, and other accessories needed for conducting the EMC testing.

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