Frequency Converters

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Frequency Converters from the leading manufacturers are listed on here. Find up converters and down converters using parametric search tools. Specify the output frequency, power levels, package types and various other parameters to find products that meet your specification.

What is a Frequency Converter?

A frequency converter is an electronic device that can change the frequency of a signal. Frequency converters can be of the following types:

  1. Upconverter
  2. Downconverter
  3. Up-down Converter

An upconverter converts a low-frequency IF (intermediate frequency) input signal into a high-frequency RF out            put signal for signal transmission. A downconverter converts a higher-frequency RF input signal to a lower-frequency IF output signal. An up-down converter is an electronic device that integrates both upconverter and downconverter circuits in a single package. It is used in the transceiver system to do both up-conversion and down-conversion operations.

Frequency converters are suitable for use in 5G, base stations, point-to-point radio, 5G customer premises equipment (CPE), satellite communication terminals, electronic warfare systems instrumentation, radar system, and much more applications.

Important Parameters when Looking for Frequency Converters:

  • Input Frequency: It is the frequency of the signal that needs to be converted.
  • Output frequency: It is the frequency of the signal that has been converted.
  • LO Frequency: It is the local oscillator frequency.
  • Phase Noise: It is the random, short-term fluctuations in the phase of a waveform, usually measured in dBc/Hz. A lower value of phase noise (dBc/Hz) is desirable.

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