Space Qualified Components

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Space Qualified Components from the leading manufacturers are listed on everything RF. Select a category and then narrown down on space qualified products by frequency, power level, and various other parameters. View product details, download datasheets and get quotes on products that meet your requirement.

What are Space Qualified Components?

Space qualified components are components which are designed to function in the extremely harsh environment of space. These components undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they will be able to withstand extreme conditions – from the complexities of being launched from Earth to extreme temperature variations and radiations in space.

To simplify the process of selecting space-grade components, certain certifications are used to denote the quality of the components. These certifications include MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF38535, AES9100 etc. Each certification represents a set of qualification criteria that the components or the company that manufactures them have had to undergo. Click here to know more about space qualification certifications and the process.

Space components are selected based on various parameters which include:

Outgassing: Outgassing is the phenomenon where trapped gas is released from a material such as plastic, glues and adhesives. The air or vapor that is released can deposit material on other devices and obstruct or reduce their working. Click here for more on Outgassing.

Temperature Cycle: It exposes a device under test (DUT) to fluctuating temperature to detect failures that can be caused by repeated exposure to rapidly varying temperature.

Mechanical Shock: This test simulates the application of sudden force or abrupt change in motion. It aims to observe the disturbance in operating characteristics or damage caused by the repetitive vibrations/shocks.

Constant Acceleration: This is a high-stress test in which semiconductor devices are exposed to constant acceleration to simulate the effects on the devices. This centrifuge test exposes mechanical and structural weaknesses not necessarily detected in vibration or mechanical shock testing.

Click here to know more about the challenges faced by electronic components in space.

everything RF has listed space-qualified components from the leading manufacturers in various categories. You can select a category and search for products based on your requirement. Once you find products that meet your requirement, you can view details, download datasheets and get pricing on the products. Very often, users require custom space qualified products. In this case, companies can develop them or carry out tests on existing products to qualify them for use in space.