5G Frequency Spectrum in Costa Rica

What frequency bands have been allocated to 5G in Costa Rica?

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Sep 11, 2020

Costa Rica is expected to deploy 5G services in 2021. The launch of 5G got delayed due COVID-19 pandemic which slowed down the evaluation process.

There is no clear information yet regarding the frequency bands which will be used for 5G deployment in Costa Rica.

The government, however, initiated 5G trials in 2020 to kick start the process. Kölbi and Claro, the two leading telecom operators of the country, will soon start testing and planning for 5G Network deployment.

Further, Grupo ICE, which operates under the trademark Kölbi, will begin testing at the Moin Container Terminal of APM Terminals, in Limón, in 2020 using with equipment developed by Huawei, Nokia and Telrad.