5G Frequency Spectrum in Taiwan

What frequency bands have been allocated for 5G in Taiwan?

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Sep 15, 2020

The following 5G frequency bands have been allocated in Taiwan:

BandFrequencyAuction StatusOperator
n783300 - 3340 MHzAuctioned (2020)T Star
n783340 - 3420 MHzAuctioned (2020)
n783420 - 3510 MHzAuctioned (2020)
n783510 - 3570 MHzAuctioned (2020)
n25727.9 - 28.5 GHzAuctioned (2020)
n25728.5 - 28.9 GHzAuctioned (2020)
n25728.9 - 29.3 GHzAuctioned (2020)
n25729.3 - 29.5 GHzAuctioned (2020)

The National Communications Commission (NCC) of Taiwan completed the 5G auction in early 2020 for the 3300 – 3570 MHz (n78) band and the 27.9 – 29.5 GHz (n257) band. The auction raised more than NT $138 billion.

The NCC conducted the 5G auction in two stages. The First stage consisted of multiple rounds of auctions for all the bidders to determine the number of blocks they wish to obtain. The Second stage was a location-based auction (also known as “Assignment Stage”) which included further engagement of bidders for specific assignment in accordance with the number of blocks that had been won, enabling them to secure bordering bandwidths and maximize spectrum use.

The first stage of this bidding process was completed in 2019 for the 3.5 GHz (n78) and 28 GHz (n257) frequency bands. Five operators placed bids for these 5G band - Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), Taiwan Mobile (TWM), Taiwan Star Cellular (T STAR), Asia Pacific Telecom (APTG), and Far Eastone Telecommunications (FET).

On 21 February, 2020 the second stage of the auction was concluded.

The NCC has also stated that 20 MHz spectrum in the 1800 MHz band is still available for auction. This will be auctioned in the future alongside the 28 GHz (n261) band.