5G Spectrum Allocation in United States

What frequency bands have been allocated to 5G in the US?

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Aug 3, 2020

The United States is leading the way in 5G. 5G services are being provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile in the US. Most 5G deployment in USA has been in the mm-Wave region. However, the FCC, with its 5G FAST plan, is now pushing operators to deploy Sub-6 GHz and Sub-1 GHz 5G in the US.

The following are the lists of all the licensed and upcoming 5G frequency bands in USA.

High Band Spectrum (mmWave)

Frequency BandLicensing Status
24 GHzLicensed (January 2019)
28 GHzLicensed (May 2019)
37 GHzLicensed (March 2020)
39 GHzLicensed (March 2020)
47 GHzLicensed (March 2020)

Mid-Band Spectrum (Sub 6GHz)

Frequency BandLicensing Status
2.5 GHzUpcoming (Planned)
3.5 GHzUpcoming (Planned)
3.7 - 4.2 GHzUpcoming (Planned)

Low Band Spectrum (Sub 1GHz)

Frequency BandsLicensing Status
600 MHzUpcoming (Planned)
800 MHzUpcoming (Planned)
900 MHzUpcoming (Planned)

Unlicensed Spectrum

Frequency BandLicensing Status
6 GHzUpcoming (Planned)
Above 95 GHzUpcoming (Planned)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in the United States. The FCC is responsible for allocation of 5G frequency bands in the United States.


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Feb 18, 2018

The United States is leading the way in 5G. Multiple operators in the US have been actively conducting trails all over the country. Verizon (one of the main US carries), had published a preliminary 5G spec for trials, even before the the Official 5G NR spec which was was published by the GSMA. Like in most countiries there have been multiple freqyency bands allocated for 5G.

5G Spectrum Allocations in the United States

Frequency BandType
600 MHz (2 x 35 MHz Bands)Licensed
2.5 GHzLicensed (Existing LTE Band 41)
3.55 - 3.7 GHzUnlicensed
3.7 GHz - 4.2 GHzLicensed
5.9 - 7.1 GHzUnlicensed
24.25 - 24.45 GHzLicensed
24.75 - 25.25 GHzLicensed
27.5 - 28.35 GHzLicensed
37 - 38.6 GHzLicensed Outdoors, Unlicensed Indoors
38.6 - 40 GHz


47.2 - 48.3 GHz-
64 - 71 GHzUnlicensed

The FCC has been very active in working towards freeing up frequency spectrum for 5G. In July 2016, they opened up 11 GHz of spectrum i.e. 64 - 71 GHz and some spectrum in the 3.85 GHz. In 2017, they opened up another 1.7 GHz of spectrum in the 24 GHz and 47 GHz bands.