LoRa Frequency Bands in North America

What frequency bands are used for LoRa in the United States?

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May 22, 2019

The frequency range designated to LoRa Technology in the United States, Canada and South America is 902 to 928 MHz. This frequency range is known as the 915 MHz frequency band. It has been specified on the website of the LoRa Alliance and their official standards document.

The LoRa Frequency band is divided in to the following channels (Based on the FCC part 15 Document):

Uplink0 to 63 (64 Channels)902.3 to 914.9 MHz (200 kHz increments)125 kHz
Uplink64 to 71 (8 Channels)
902.3 to 914.9 MHz (1.6 MHz increments)500 kHz
Downlink0 to 7 (8 Channels)923.3 MHz to 927.5 MHz (600 kHz increments)
500 kHz