To perform OFDM average power measurements, calibrate the test setup cable path loss with a CW signal or Modulated OFDM signal itself?

802.11 RF Basics Test & Measurement 

In conducted testing, usually the trend is to perform Cable Path Loss characterization by transmitting a CW signal at the test frequency from one end of the setup using a signal generator and measuring the power on the other end of the setup using a power meter. And one can use this value when performing TX tests on that signal. For ASK, FSK or PSK signals, I understand this approach should work OK. Can similar CW approach could be used to perform OFDM like measurements as well? OFDM has complex signals and bundled subcarriers with bandwidth of the signal being 20/40/80 MHz as in the case of 802.11. So is using CW signal still legit to perform cable path loss characterization or should use a similar modulated signal?

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