What are End Launch Connectors?

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Jul 23, 2019

An End Launch Connector is a coaxial connector that is used to connect a coaxial cable to a test board. The connector is mounted at the end or edge of a PCB board. This connector is used to transition microwave energy from a coaxial cable to a circuit on a PCB board. They are available in three main configurations as seen in the image - Angled End-Launch connectors, Vertical End-Launch connectors and Horizontal End-Launch connectors.

End Launch Connectors are usually preferred to regular connectors as their design minimizes reflections as compared to vertical-mount or right-angle (perpendicular) mount connectors.

These connectors are typically used for high-frequency options or where high performance is required. For most applications below 6 GHz, regular commercial connectors, which are terminated by soldering to the PCB board can be used as they are more cost-effective and easily available.

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