What is AeroMACS?

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Jan 14, 2021

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AeroMACS or Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System is a wireless broadband technology that has been developed to support communication at the airport. It operates in the protected / licensed aviation spectrum band from 5091 MHz to 5150 MHz and provides a short-range and high data-rate communication technology based on commercial 4G technology using the WiMAX standard (IEEE 802.16).

AeroMACS is internationally standardized and is the only wireless technology that has been validated by EUROCONTROL, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to support the safety and regularity of flights.

AeroMACS as a wireless technology that provides security, flexibility, reliability, scalability and interoperability. It is used for ground-to-aircraft communications to enable Air Traffic Control (ATC) / Air Traffic Management (ATM) applications, Airline operations applications such as Airline Operational Control (AOC) and other Airport infrastructure applications.

An AeroMACS system is usually set up inside the Air Traffic Control Tower. The security, gate operations, airline communications are monitored via this system. Data from various sensors, navigation devices, weather radars and many other systems at the Airport are transmitted via this system.

Reasons to use the AeroMACS System

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