What is Cognitive Radio Technology?

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Aug 13, 2018

Cognitive Radio (CR) technology allows a radio device to use the available RF spectrum by autonomously reconfiguring its communications channel access according to the existing conditions. The radio detects channels that are occupied and migrates to or uses the free ones. This software-defined radio (SDR) based system is always aware of its operational and geographical environment and has pre-defined policies according to which the radio dynamically and autonomously reconfigures its operational parameters and protocols, maximizing effective use of available spectrum. This real-time decision making capability increases spectrum efficiency leading to higher bandwidth services, while minimizing interference. Cognitive radio (CR) and cognitive radio technology will play an important role in the development of radio communications systems in the future.

According to the FCC - A cognitive radio is, “a radio that can change its transmitter parameters based on interaction with the environment in which it operates.” These devices can dynamically modify their operational parameters such as frequency, modulation schemes, and transmit power to make best use of the available spectrum and other resources.