What is DOCSIS 3.1?

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Jan 6, 2017
DOCSIS 3.1 is the latest version of DOCSIS, an international standard used for transferring data over cable TV systems. DOCSIS stands for 'Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification'. It permits high speed data transmission using the existing cable TV (CATV) network lines. In 1997, a non-profit firm named CableLabs first developed DOCSIS with the help of other companies. Supporting DOCSIS means a cable modem is “CableLabs Certified.” This means the device has passed tests for compliance with the standard.

Version 1.0 was the first version of DOCSIS, which was released in 1997. It supported downlink speeds of 38 Mbps and Uplink speeds of 9 Mbps.

Version 2.0 came in 2001, making upstream traffic faster and providing symmetrical connection speeds for VoIP services like Skype - 38 Mbps Down; 27 Mbps Up.

Version 3.0 launched in 2006, which uses multiple channels to increase transmission bandwidth in both directions and supported IPv6 - 152 Mbps Down; 108 Mbps Up.

Version 3.1 published in 2013, supports more than 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) for downloads downstream and above 1 Gbps upstream. DOCSIS 3.1 will make ultra-high definition 4K television, tele-existence, augmented reality, and advanced gaming systems a reality. It will make downloading 4K videos faster than ever and playing online games more fun with reduced network delay.

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