What is Link 22?

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Nov 19, 2020

Link 22 is a secure digital Tactical Data Link (TDL) that operates in the HF and UHF bands. It has been developed by NATO to securely exchange data between all the allied forces (air, ground, and sea). Link 22 supports both LOS and BLOS (Beyond Line of sight) communication links in the HF band up to distances of 300 nautical miles. It provides a secure way for allied forces to communicate with each other.

Link 22 is even able to operate in bad transmission conditions and provide a stable communication link at lower data rates. It is based on a distributed architecture, so even if a specific unit fails, the network will continue to operate.

The Link 22 program was developed to replace Link 11 (which had a number of limitations), increase Allied forces interoperability and complement Link 16. It is also called NILE (NATO Improved Link Eleven).

There are seven countries that use Link 22 - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain. The US is the host nation. Spain replaced the Netherlands to become the 7th country.