What is the Near-Infrared Band?

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Nov 10, 2018

The Infrared region lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared rays are invisible to the human eye but they can be focused, reflected and polarized, just like visible light. This region is divided into three parts - Near-Infrared, Mid-Infrared and Far-Infrared.

The Near Infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum has wavelength range from 750 to 2500 nm. It has a frequency range from about 215 THz to 400 THz and lies close to the red end of the visible light spectrum. This spectral region has a temperature range from 740 to 3000-5000 degrees kelvin.

The Infrared band is used in a variety of applications including heat sensors, thermal imaging and night vision equipment. Other applications include remote controls, transmitting data in fiber optic cable, communications and networking.