Who is X-Microwave?

Who is X-Microwave and what it the X-MWsystem?
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Jun 21, 2017
X-Microwave is a company that has developed an innovative solution that helps engineers to go from similation to production with ease. The X-MWsystem from X-Microwave is a complete modular building block eco-system of RF and Microwave components and test and production accessories. It helps optimize the RF and Microwave Design Process by seamlessly merging simulation, prototyping and production.

The X-Microwave X-MWsystem platform enables designers to simulate a system block diagram and then procure the required components (blocks) to build the real physical system. The components which they call "X-MWblocks", are “Drop-In” and “Drop-On” modules that are easy to test, integrate, align, and configure up to 50 GHz. The blocks are available in a number of component categories including: amplifiers, mixers, filters, splitters, couplers, attenuators and switches. They even have different types of filter technologies such as planar, lumped and cavity filters.

The good thing with this approach is that from prototype to final production hardware, no messy Sweat Soldering or Silver Epoxy processes are required. The X-MWblocks can be plugged in/placed on a type of breadboard which is supplied by X-Microwave. Each block has common RF launch geometries and can therefore use a common interconnect system. 

The components all have common mounting, featuring bias and control interfaces that are on the grid. The components can easily be mounted on a prototype plate individually or as cascaded assemblies with a universal high performance, compatible RF Probe design eliminating costly custom fixturing.

X-Microwave has developed over 1500 X-MWblock Components with manufacturers such as MACOM, Analog Devices, Custom MMIC, Peregrine and DLI Knowles. X-MWblocks are highly characterized including X-Parameter and S-Parameter Models which are available for use on an intuitive online FREE Non-Linear System Simulator that uses Keysight’s Genesys Spectrasys Engine.

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