Why do we use Low Noise Amplifiers in Quantum Computing?

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Jul 16, 2021

In the extremely simplified version of the realm of Quantum Computing, the ultimate goal is to be able to isolate and “read” Qubits, which are the Quantum equivalent of Bits in traditional data processing. Whereas standard data streams ultimately consist of bits that each have one of two values (either 1 or 0), a single Qubit has the tremendous advantage of representing up to FIVE values. Whereas a traditional bit is read as 1 or 0 by discerning between two voltages, with one voltage representing 1 and the other representing 0, the process of determining the value, or “state”, of a Qubit is infinitely more complex and is done by measuring the rate of spin on electrons that are isolated through electromagnetic means, thus introducing the need for RF amplifiers in the first place. As one might guess, such a delicate process would require the very best amplifiers in the industry with regard to performance and reliability, where AmpliTech has a clear advantage over competitors.

Since the actual process for isolating Qubits and discerning their states is extremely complex and far too involved to go into detail here, suffice it to say that an ultra low temperature environment is required to be able to “slow down” the rate of electron spin to the point of being able to measure it at all. It follows then, that the RF amplifiers being used in the process not only have to be able to function at such low temperatures, but that they need to be able to provide good amplification while introducing as little Noise to the system as possible to allow for the most accurate measurements, which is exactly what Cryogenic Amplifiers are designed for. It’s also critical that the amplifiers consume as little power as power as possible so that, as mentioned earlier, the heat they produce does virtually nothing to upset the tightly maintained low temperature environment.

Even for companies that manufacture Cryogenic Amplifiers, the latter is a formidable challenge with many suppliers struggling to provide decent performance with power consumption as low as ~120mW. AmpliTech, however, has overcome this obstacle with a line of unconditionally reliable medium Gain Cryogenic Amplifiers with 1K Noise Temperatures that perform optimally at just ~4mW, thereby making AmpliTech the supplier of choice for companies like IBM and Google that are in the quest for Quantum Supremacy. Click here to view low noise amplifiers from Amplitech.

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