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  • 12th floor,building 10,Liye Park,Tus-City,26 Zhishi Road,Qidi Street,Jiangning District,Nanjing,China 211135

Company Overview

Nanjing Arance Electronics Co., Ltd specialized in state-of-the-art laboratory devices. Our company owns specialization technologies team, equipped with the precision machines and using the latest test equipment. We are dedicated in a wide range of test and measurement products.

Our offering includes:

  • High-Performance VNA Test Assemblies that operate from DC to 67GHz. The port contains N, 7mm, NMD3.5mm, NMD2.92mm, NMD2.4mm, NMD1.85mm.
  • Types of millimeter-wave cable assemblies. The frequency can operate up to 67GHz. Phase matching cable assemblies are available.
  • Precision calibration kits. The port contains N, L16, 3.5mm. More high-frequency calibration kits with popular connectors are in development.
  • Various coaxial adapters that operate from DC to 67GHz. NMD test port adapters, general type adapters, and Low-PIM adapters are included.
  • RF coaxial load/termination which frequency is up to 50GHz.

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