3G Shielding Specialties

  • United States
  • +1 (844) 808-3477
  • 8302 Laurel Fair Circle, Tampa, Florida 33610, USA

Company Overview

3G Shielding Specialities is a US-based manufacturer that delivers leading edge solutions for shielding advanced electronic applications. Led by client needs, the company’s product portfolio has evolved from application specific board shielding to also include enclosure shielding, microwave absorbers, and thermal solutions. As a result of their broadening scope, 3G now offers synergistic solutions incorporating metalwork, conductive elements, microwave absorbers and thermal transfer solutions in a single, integrated, turn-key package. Having realized thousands of shielding solutions, 3G application engineers bring decades of specialized expertise and leverage an industry wide perspective to solve unique RF/EMI/EMC challenges.

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