• Austria
  • +43 316 269259
  • Sternaeckerweg 16, 8041 Graz, Austria

Company Overview

Panthronics AG develops innovative wireless solutions for security, power, and IoT applications. They also develop RFID and NFC hardware, software, and applet solutions to improve connectivity. Panthronics works closely with industry leaders to deliver the best products and solutions to the market. The company solutions offer higher transmission power and sensitivity using connection technology, smaller antennas, split-stack software architecture, and standard conformity, allowing point-of-sale equipment manufacturers to create smaller, better-connected products.

Since 2014 Panthronics has built a profound network with global reach. They value their cooperation and relationship with each of our partners and their mission is to enable and simplify challenging NFC use cases in PoS, IoT, Wireless charging, and Mobile through innovative ground-up design.

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