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  • Antenna Research Associates, Inc., 8880 Gorman Rd. | Laurel, MD 20723, United States

Company Overview

ARA (Antenna Research Associates) designs and manufactures high-performance wide-bandwidth antennas for military and civilian applications. These antennas are supplied to the Communications, Surveillance, and Jamming (counter RF IED) military markets and to the Public Safety civilian market. The ARA antenna products cover all the commercial and military frequency bands from 10Hz to 80 GHz. They are available as omni-directional antennas for wide area coverage and as high gain directional antennas for direction finding or targeting. ARA provides narrow band antennas for SATCOM communications as well as multi-octave SIGINT antennas. These antenna system products are used at fixed sites, on ground vehicles, and as man portable tactical antennas. ARA antennas and antenna-positioner systems have been deployed on aircraft and ships.

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