Sivers Semiconductors

  • Sweden
  • +46 8 703 68 00
  • +46-8-751 92 71
  • Sivers Semiconductors (HQ), Box 1274S-164 29 Kista, Sweden

Company Overview

Sivers Semiconductors (previously known as Sivers IMA) is a technology company that operates in two business areas - Wireless and Photonics.

Sivers Semiconductors Holding and Wireless is headquartered in Kista, Sweden with a local office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Under the wireless arm, the company develops RFICs and antennas for advanced mmWave systems for data and telecommunications networks.

The Photonics business and factor are headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. The Photonics division develops and manufactures semiconductor-based optical products for optical fiber networks, sensors and optical wireless communications (Li-Fi). Optical fiber chips are mainly used in FTTH and data centers. Optical sensors are used in biometrics, safety, metrology and LiDAR for driverless cars.

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  • ISO 9001:2008