Raditeq B.V.

  • Netherlands
  • +31 348 20 01 00
  • Raditeq, Vijzelmolenlaan 3, 3447 GX Woerden, Netherlands

Company Overview

Raditeq B.V. is a commercial company active on an international basis. Raditeq specializes in research and development of EMC/RF measurement equipment. They enable customers to perform the most accurate, efficient and effective EMC/RF measurements possible. Raditeq  does this by continuous research and development resulting in innovative and improved EMC/RF products. Raditeq strives for new and better ways to perform EMC/RF measurements.     

Their vision is to create the most accurate, efficient and reliable EMC/RF Test & Measurement products possible. When measuring Radio Frequencies (RF) and Electromagnetic radiation/waves the aim is to determine the precise figure of what is actually emitted.  Next to this it is important that the equipment is easy to setup and can be used efficiently.

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