Military Radar Summit

Military Radar Summit
  • Date: 29 to 31 January 2020
  • Location:
    Washington D.C
  • Event Type: Conference, Exhibition

Event Overview

IDGA’s Military Radar Summit, now in its 13th successful year, is once again providing its platform to discuss the ongoing efforts to advance detection and survivability capabilities for radar technology in support of emerging US National security priorities and battlefield overmatch. Building off the success of previous iterations, the event provides an overview of the ongoing radar developments over the past year. With the ongoing buildup of long-range radars for improved missile defense and the increasing UAV and UAS threats, discussions concentrate on next-generation challenges and how the ongoing development of radar technologies will meet these threats. The 2020 summit also focuses on new areas such as AI and ML for improved radar, quantum radar, hypersonic detection and more.