Military Space Situational Awareness Conference 2022

Military Space Situational Awareness Conference 2022
  • Date: 27 to 28 April, 2022
  • Location:
    London, United Kingdom
  • Event Type: Conference, Exhibition

Event Overview

The 17th Annual Military Space Situational Awareness Conference will be held on 27th and 28th April 2022 in London, United Kingdom. As the leading conference in Europe dedicated to space domain awareness, the forum will once again bring together key stakeholders across the military, government, and industry to discuss the future of the sector. Military space situational awareness (SSA) is one of the world's leading events on military space domain awareness and features over 200 truly global representatives from military, industry, government, and research. It provides exclusive updates, insights, and discussions with the pre-eminent names in the world of SSA. Attendees also get to make new connections, contacts, and partnerships with the international audience.

Many of the recent developments in SSA are centered around the emergence of new LEO constellations and how military users must adapt their SSA approaches to account for this. Similarly, increasing interest in cislunar space present unique challenges for the industry, as does renew great power competition. 2022’s Military Space Situational Awareness conference will address these issues head-on, with key focuses including space domain awareness, space surveillance and tracking (SST), the US Space Force's approach to SDA, the impact of new mega-constellations, and international partnerships in space.