• Date: 20 to 21 September, 2022
  • Location:
  • Event Type: Conference

Event Overview

The EMC Live 2022: Wireless, IoT, 5G is an online event that will be held from September 20 – 21, 2022. This event will conduct discussions and product demos to improve wireless and IoT designs with the accurate characterization of self-generated EMI sources. EMC Live has gathered various technical experts to discuss the following points:

  • How to improve wireless/IoT/5G applications using integrated EMI solutions
  • EMI shielding solutions
  • Connectivity enabling IoT in industrial automation, and much more

Managing safety concerns arising from new radio transmitter installations, next-gen interconnect technologies for EMC applications, utilizing advanced, integrated EMI solutions to improve the performance of wireless/IoT/5G applications, connectivity enabling IoT in industrial automation, high temperature operating life (HTOL) testing considerations are some of the webinars and product demos which will be shared by the technical experts.