Stellant Systems Offers a Wide range of TWTs for Space-Based Communications Applications


Stellant Systems has developed a wide range of traveling wave tubes (TWTs) for space-based communications satellites and defense purposes. Stellant has 5 decades worth of experience in developing TWTs for space-based applications. Additionally, they have also entered the Defense space and have already delivered over 20,000 TWTs to be used in long rage radars and are recognized as the leading supplier of high-power Coupled Cavity TWTs over the frequency range from C-Band to Q-Band and millimeter wave helix TWTs for SATCOM radar and instrumentation applications.

These TWTs are used in long-range array radars such as the FPS-108 Cobra Dane system, the PARCS space surveillance radar, U.S. and foreign shipboard surveillance radars, and airport surveillance radars.

Stellant’s TWTs are also used for ground broadcast Stations, guidance systems and military aircraft radar. TWTs convert DC power to radio-frequency power by synchronizing the radio-frequency wave with an electron beam traveling in a vacuum.

All of Stellant’s modern designs incorporate this unparalleled experience, ensuring high reliability and optimized performance in harsh environments.

Key Feature of Stellant’s TWT Technology:

  • Space qualified, proven technology
  • High Reliability
  • Highest efficiency in the industry
  • Radiation and conduction cooled
  • Superior performance across multiple bands
  • Long Lasting Helix Type Tubes
  • Can be customized and designed for specific requirements

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