DeTect Introduces the First Dual-Function Radar System for Birds and Drones


DeTect has developed the world’s first dual-function bird and drone radar solution called MERLIN BDR-DDR. Developed in 2003 for real-time, tactical operational birdstrike avoidance, MERLIN now uses TRUE3D technology for simultaneous bird and drone detecting capabilities. This solution has been operational in US Military Installations.

The proven technology can be integrated with radar-directed electro-optic, infrared (EOIR) camera system and DroneWatcheräRF-DR radiofrequency drone detection & interdiction. The system comes in a fixed or mobile design, fully self-contained with all system hardware, software and integration included.

Recently returned from installing the system at a US Air Force Base in California, Project Manager Mike Bierman said “The dual configuration is a game changer for air bases and commercial airports that can now have a two-in-one system for tracking both birds and drones. DeTect’s dynamic multibeam TRUE3D radar scans and updates target data across the entire 3D volume, continually out to 5+ km in all weathers 24/7.”

Click here to learn more about MERLIN System.

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