Guerrilla RF Investments in R&D Have Resulted in 33% Increase the Number of Engineering Tape-outs


Guerrilla RF, Inc., a provider of state-of-the-art RF and microwave communications solutions, has announced that its robust 2022 investments in research and development (R&D) produced a 33% increase in the number of engineering tape-outs —from 31 tape-outs in 2021 to 41 in 2022 — all targeting the high-growth 5G, cellular booster, automotive, and satellite communications markets.

Engineering tape-outs are used to rapidly verify designs and scale product performance; they are used to fix high-impact circuit errors earlier and faster, leading to an overall reduction in schedule, costs, and time to market. In electronics design, tape-out is the final result of the design process for integrated circuits or printed circuit boards before they are sent for manufacturing.

According to Kellie Chong, Chief Business Officer of Guerrilla RF, “To serve as a company’s innovation engine, R&D investments need to be targeted for today’s fast-moving applications and specifications. Next-generation wireless, automotive, and satellite communications applications require performance that stretches the limits of technology. This is made possible by our dedicated team of engineers that continue to push innovation and strive for product excellence. Engineering tape-outs help validate product readiness for optimal power and performance. At Guerrilla RF, it serves as one of many internal operational metrics by which we measure our efficiency, productivity, and R&D ROI.”

Guerrilla RF provides products and custom solutions to multiple key markets such as wireless infrastructure, automotive, 5G/4G cellular repeaters, military, navigation, and wireless audio.

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