ViaLite Integrates Timing and Reference RF Over Fiber Link for COVID-19 Ward in London

ViaLite Integrates Timing and Reference RF Over Fiber Link for COVID-19 Ward in London

The Royal Liverpool Hospital COVID-19 ward has had a new paging system installed by Stanley Security Healthcare, with the help of ViaLite. When Stanley Healthcare was commissioned by the hospital’s contractor to install the critical communications system at short notice, ViaLite was approached to supply its Timing & Reference Blue OEM RF over Fiber Links for integration. The team at ViaLite responded quickly to the request; manufacturing and fully testing a solution within 24 hours! Colin Barnes, Product Manager of Radio Communications at Stanley Healthcare reported that the equipment was fitted on-site and thanked the team at ViaLite for getting everything together so quickly.

The collaboration is the second time the two companies have worked together, having previously installed a system in London four years ago, which is in fault-free operation to this day. Further to their successful support with the COVID-19 ward, ViaLite has also been appointed to help with a Cancer ward.

The ViaLite Timing and Reference fiber optic link has been designed to transmit accurate timing and frequency reference signals over single-mode optical fiber.

Transmission types that can be transported over the links include:

  1. Radio timing signals:
    • DCF, MSF signals.
  2. IRIG-B.
  3. Loran-C & eLoran.
  4. 10 kHz – 50 MHz signals.
  5. 1 PPS (via serial digital link).
  6. GPS (via GPS link).
  7. MiFID II standard.
  8. 5-year warranty as standard.

Although the hospital has yet to be fully opened, the new unit has been set up to help deal with the city’s Coronavirus cases. The paging system will be used by the staff at the state-of-the-art ‘step-down’ ward as they help patients recovering from COVID-19 to regain their independence.

The Royal Liverpool Hospital was due to be completed by early 2017, but several setbacks prevented it from staying on schedule. Then, in early 2018, contractor Carillion was liquidated, halting construction of the hospital. Laing O’Rourke took over the contract and work restarted in November 2018. The date for completion has now been pushed back to autumn 2022 at the earliest.

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